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Andrew Maclean Films

Andrew's Narrative Film Work

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The Harvest is a short film based on a poem written by Andrew Maclean, the filmmaker. The poem tells a story of a lone head of wheat, chosen and predestined by The Harvest himself.

The Harvest loves the wheat and chooses him over the entire crop.

Shot on location in rural Suffolk with newcomer Mike Airton as The Harvest and voiced by Briony Maclean, the film tells the tale of the land as much as the tale of a head of wheat.

Shot during the Corona pandemic The Harvest is a vulnerable film about predestination, choice, omnipotence and the afterlife.

HERE to see more



The Bears

A 9 episode webseries detailing the adventures of 7 teddy bears and how they deal with their owners growing up and getting married.

Full series on facebook and youtube.

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The Leaf

The Leaf is a film about a lonely leaf who has an epic quest from his safe home on an old tree to find new life at The Great Water.

The Briefcase

Student Film

The Briefcase was a student project which told the story of a briefcase being smuggled out of an office.

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