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A few examples of films and videos we've produced for charities and non-profits

Youth Promo
Alpha International

A film made to promote the young leaders for the Youth Alpha Course.

We wanted to make this a fun video that would show that the course could be used with people in any arena.

Who we've worked with:

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The Marriage Course


A short sharable promo we made for The Marriage Course.


Paymentsense wanted to raise awareness of homlessness in West London and show that anyone can become homeless.  We made this film to raise that awareness and give staff the opportunity to engage with a sponsosred sleep out.


First Last Film have produced tonnes of courses for not for profits and charities as well as high end businesses.


First Last Film make lots of documentaries from short testimonials to longer pieces.

This documentary was for a new group called the Young Franciscans to promote the concept to new groups around the world with internet sensation Chris Lee.

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