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A few examples of films and videos we've produced in education

International womens day

A film we made to promote International Womens Day for Culford School.  We worked with the women from the college to make the film which was written by the young women in the film.

Who we

are film

An overview film First Last Film made to show the breadth of offering at Culford School.

Course Promo

With pupils from around the world online course promotion has become more popular especially since the pandemic. This is a course promo we made for St Joseph's College.

Christmas Carols Concert Online 

An online Christmas Carol Concert for St Joseph's college which we shot and put together.

Christmas Film

A fun Christmas film to show some of the great things at Culford school while also 

Interviewing young children 

Our teams are DBS checked and fantastic at working with young children to make sure you et all the hilarity that they have to give into your film.

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